Tom / drams

Birthday: 1979.08.02
Blood: O
Height: ---
Weight: ---
Special Skill: ---
Music Style: ---
Favorite Band: Dresdon Dolls, Metallica, Godsmack, Slipknot, Elkeity
Favorite Player: Lars Ulrich, Terry Bozzio, Joey Jordison, Mike Portnoy
Awards: ---

Tervor / rhythm guitar

Birthday: 1984.10.14
Blood: ---
Height: ---
Weight: ---
Special Skill: Jazz Fusion, Metal, Funk, Classical music
Music Style: ---
Favorite Band: ---
Favorite Player: Tak Matsumoto, Andy Timmons, Lee Ritenour
Awards: ---

Sho/ bass

Birthday: 1981.08,31
Blood: B
Height: 182cm
Weight: 61~63kg
Special Skill: Bass, Kendo
Music Style: ---
Favorite Band: MR.BIG, LUNA SEA, Skid row, Aero Smith, and other nice bands
Favorite Player: Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, John Myung, Victor Wootem, Flea
* Award *
--- 2001 ---
'The attractive former' in the nationwide of 14th YAMAHA pop music conpetition
--- 2003 ---
The winner and Best bassist in North Area -會前友誼賽- of 16th YAMAHA pop music conpetition
The 2nd place winner of Shinkong pop music conpetiion.
--- 2005 ---
The winner in North Area of 18th YAMAHA pop music conpetition
The best bassist in the nationwide of 18th YAMAHA pop music conpetition.
The best bassist of Shinkong pop music conpetition.